Christmas Brings Snowstorm in Mid-west

The first major snow storm of the season started its slow eastward march throughout the Midwest Thursday, creating treacherous, in some cases deadly driving conditions and threatening to disrupt some of the nation’s busiest airports ahead of the vacation weekend.

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Heavy snow and strong winds integrated for blizzard conditions in some locations from Kansas to Wisconsin– and assured a white Christmas in some locations– after the storm blanketed the Rocky Mountains previously in the week.

Iowa and Nebraska took a heavy hit from the storm, with nearly a foot of snow in Des Moines and 8.6 inches in Omaha, Neb. Around 14 inches are anticipated in parts northern Michigan, with 5 inches already collected by Thursday afternoon.

Christmas Brings Snowstorm in Mid-west

Christmas Brings Snowstorm in Mid-west

Emily Rittman, reporter for CBS Kansas City, Mo., associate KCTV-TV, stated on “CBS This Early morning” Thursday the storm left 10s of thousands in Iowa without power and was anticipated to hit as many as 16 states.

David Bernard, main meteorologist for CBS Miami station WFOR-TV, states that blizzard cautions were in impact for many of Iowa extending northeast into Green Bay, Wis., Thursday early morning. The southern edge of the storm was extreme enough to trigger twister warnings around Mobile, Ala

. By nightfall, Chicago was forecast to feel wind gusts of 50 miles per hour blowing snow, Bernard reports.

Nebraska’s largest school district canceled classes due to the fact that of heavy over night snow, as did many districts throughout Iowa, where drivers were being informed to stay off the roadways starting Wednesday evening since of whiteout conditions.

Light snow, strong winds and low clouds could possibly make visibility inadequate and source delays at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the country’s second-busiest airport, according to the National Climate Service. The climate has already prompted Delta and United Airlines to allow lots of afflicted tourists to alter schedules without incurring charges.

By sunrise in Des Moines, the snow was beginning to taper off, however that would not be the end of it, warned Kevin Skow, a National Weather Service meteorologist in the city.

“It’s quickly visiting become less of a snow event and even more of a wind event,” Skow said.

The flight terminal at Creston, Iowa, tape-recorded the greatest winds, with a gust of 53 mph. Skow said wind gusts would expand stronger later Thursday, creating whiteout conditions, prior to passing away down by the night. Gusts over 50 miles per hour hampered driving in southeastern Wyoming.

Meteorologist Scott Dergan said the snow cover would drag temperatures much lower in Nebraska and Iowa.

“We’re speaking single digits,” Dergan stated. “We may even see some sub-zero temperatures in Nebraska. This winter will remain for a number of days, maybe till the day after Christmas. So we’re definitely going to have a white Christmas.”.

Before the storm, numerous cities in the Midwest had actually broken records for the number of successive days without quantifiable snow.

Chicago commuters began Thursday with heavy fog and cold, driving rain, and forecasters stated snow would hit the Midwestern metropolis by mid-afternoon. Officials at O’Hare International Flight terminal stated some air travel delays and more than 90 cancellations. United Airlines stated it would waive modification fees for travelers who have to change their plans for travel through O’Hare because of the storm.

In southeastern Wisconsin, where a blizzard caution was in result and winds of up to 45 mph were anticipated to develop whiteout conditions, sheriff’s authorities stated slick conditions led to at least 2 fatalities late Wednesday when a driver lost control of his car in Rock County, about 90 miles northwest of Chicago. In southeastern Utah, a lady who attempted to walk for assistance after her automobile came to be stuck in snow perished Tuesday evening. Search and rescue staffs on snow sleds discovered her buried in the snow just a couple of miles from her automobile.

The owner of the Norske Nook restaurant and bakery in Osseo, a town in west-central Wisconsin that awakened to a minimum of 10 inches of snow, said “blizzardy” conditions were not uncommon for the location which the weather condition would not upset her business.

“It’s our policy to remain open for the customers,” said Jean Zingshiem. “In case somebody is stranded they’ll have someplace to go.”.

Bill Riggins of Madison said he would not let a little blizzard stop him from riding his bike into work on the University of Wisconsin campus, about 5 miles from his residence. Riggins said his metal-studded snow tires did the trick for the first blush commute at 4:45 a.m.

“I truthfully think it would have been more trouble to drive,” Riggins said. The ride, which typically takes about 25 mins, took 40 in the snow. As conditions aggravate during the day, Riggins stated he expected the trip home to take about an hour.

On the southern edge of the storm system, high winds damaged houses and downed trees in central Arkansas, the weather service stated. An effective storm peeled the roofing systems off structures and toppled trucks in Mobile, Ala., but wounded nobody. Tornado warnings remained in result in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama early Thursday.

Kansas City Power & Light stated about 16,000 scattered power outages in northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas. ComEd said it was preparing extra staffs and devices to handle anticipated power blackouts in northern Illinois. Thousands more lost power in Louisiana and Alabama.

The wetness was welcome to planters in the drought-parched area, however Meteorologist Kris Sanders stated the storm would not make much of a dent. In Kansas, for example, some areas are more than 12 inches below regular precipitation for the year.

“It’s not visiting have a big result, maybe only a half-inch of liquid precipitation. It’s not helping us out much,” Sanders said.

Sanders said another storm just like the present one could possibly bring additional snow on Christmas or the day after.


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