Egypt’s Opposition Affiances to Conitnue Battling Islam-Backed Laws

The official results of Egypt’s two-stage referendum on a new Islamist-backed constitution might be revealed as early as Monday.

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Election officials have actually been tallying votes from Sunday’s 2nd round of ballot, which was held in 17 of Egypt’s 27 provinces. Voting began in the other districts on December 15.

The Muslim Brotherhood movement of President Mohamed Morsi says unofficial outcomes reveal the constitution gained approval from 64 percent of voters in the 2 rounds, with Sunday’s “yes” ballot aring greater at 71 percent.

Egypt's Opposition Affiances to Conitnue Battling Islam-Backed Laws

Egypt’s Opposition Affiances to Conitnue Battling Islam-Backed Laws

But the opposition National Salvation Front states it has asked officials to check out abnormalities in the referendum. The liberal opposition union says the lack of judicial direction of the referendum led to rigging and intimidation of voters by Islamists. Lots of judges boycotted the process to protest Mr. Morsi’s current attempts to place his decisions above the law.

Activists additionally state the constitution does not have a prominent mandate, due to the fact that just about one-third of the electorate voted on it.

National Salvation Front member Amr Hamzawy stated the charter is not genuine.

“It breaches our fundamental rights, social and financial before civil and individual rights. It breaches our interests and the preferred interest in building a socially just society and a democratic system. And we will remain to attempt to pull down the constitution in harmony and democratically.”.

Islamists said the referendum was fair and represents a crucial step in Egypt’s change to democracy, virtually two years after a preferred uprising ousted long time president Hosni Mubarak.

An Islamist-dominated assembly finalized the draft constitution last month after liberals and Christians walked out, whining their views were being ignored.

Opposition groups are afraid the charter will deteriorate civil liberties, because it enhances the role of Islamic law in society and does not explicitly discuss the rights of females or minorities.

Islamist and opposition groups had actually staged a series of mass protests for and against the constitution in recent weeks. Some members of the competing teams participated in violent road fights that eliminated eight individuals outside the governmental palace in Cairo.

If Egypt’s electoral commission verifies the passage of the referendum, an election would be held for a new lower house of parliament in two months.


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