POKE is no more Useless

‘Poke’ – Facebook’s a lot of meaningless service– now has a formal app of its very own, however with much more value than how it initially worked.

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In the old days of poking, you would click the “poke” button to just draw in the attention of another user (like “nudging” in an instantaneous message or chat board). But now, poking has completely changed … and for the better, depending on how you consider it.

POKE is no more Useless

POKE is no more Useless

Facebook has actually turned poking into an app, and it has nothing at all to do with the initial poke service discovered on individuals’ profile pages (behind their settings menu).

-) Here’s how it works: Let’s state you have a sudden desire to send one of your Facebook pals an image of a, er, cucumber. But you don’t wish to simply deliver them a cucumber photo that they could possibly post and re-share to the world.

-) Poke lets you send the photo, but the recipient will just have 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds to view your marvelous veggie. And they have to push and hold the screen while viewing, or the picture goes away.

-) You could deliver photos, video clips or text messages via Poke, although you cannot utilize it for anything too sophisticated since the message content lasts 10 seconds maximum. After that, boom.

-) The message, whatever it was, is gone permanently. There isn’t even a record on the sender’s phone (although a log of who you have actually poked and who’s poked you still continues to be).

-) Poke is very unforgiving. The recipient must press and hold the alert to see the content. As soon as you touch, the countdown starts, and there’s no going back– even if you release.

-) Videos simply stop, without possibility of re-watching. You slip, and you’re done.

You and the person you are poking both need the application or else the recipient will not have the ability to see the Poke, which just works on mobile gadgets at the moment.

When your friends consider your profile online, there’s no trace of poking, nonetheless, on smartphones, a note will appear encouraging individuals to download the Poke application.

Now … what if somebody were to take a screenshot of your Poke, in turn, making it something more long-term? There isn’t really anything you can do about that, nonetheless, if somebody were to do that, the app would inform you with a “flash” icon alongside their name in your Poke feed.

So if your Poke winds up all over the Net the following day, you’ll understand who did it.

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